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Peter WhitmorePeter is an Auckland publisher with a background in engineering and economics.

His articles have featured in the NZ Herald on power prices, plastic milk bottles, asset sales and GST.

He advocates economically sensible solutions, to secure our future & improve life for broader New Zealand.

He lives in Auckland, enjoys playing the piano & spends time in the weekend with his grandchildren.

Aaron Carter — Rongotai

Aaron is a long-time Wellington resident, with professional experience in climate, environment & politics.

He shares public transport & talks daily with residents about the challenges they face.

Rob Painting — Northland

010 (1)Rob grew up in Kawakawa and now resides in Kerikeri with his wife Rachel.  He’s a mix of Maori (from the Ngapuhi hapu Te Popoto in Utakura) and English (Oxfordshire) ancestry, and has a background of 17 years in law enforcement.  For the last 5 years he has been writing about climate science, and debunking climate myths, for the website Skeptical Science.

He was part of the research team that, in 2013, published one of the most famous climate science papers of recent times – Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature. It has gone on to become the most downloaded paper in 200+ journals of the Institute of Physics, was tweeted about by President Barack Obama, and featured on a skit on the HBO comedy show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Rob is passionate about the Northland community, diving and the marine world, and says: “Climate change and ocean acidification are the greatest challenges of our time.”

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  1. Thanks for the flyer in the mailbox. However, consideration needs to be given to the enormous impact factoring farming has on climate change. These polluters need also pay. Animal farming contributes more to climate change and climate damage than does industry or vehicles, this information is widely available and should be incorporated into your approach.

  2. Your website lacks detail. For instance, in the upcoming northland by-election, the electoral commission lists Rob Painting as your candidate but I don’t see any mention of him here. Is he one of yours? Do you have others around the country?

    1. Rob has just been chosen as our Northland candidate! We’re excited, and hope to put more material up on the website soon. Thanks for your support.

      PS — we’ll have volunteers in Northland putting up signs shortly. Contact us if you’re interested to get involved!

    2. Carlos, yes the website needs serious attention, and yes I’m the Climate Party candidate in the Northland by-election.

      Unfortunately climate change and ocean acidification have fallen off the political radar just when we’re entering a period of profound change. Hence my decision to become involved with the Climate Party when they sounded me out.

      We’ll be working on the site over the coming months to get it up to speed. I’m used to creating content for a website called Skeptical Science, but the admin side of things – creating a blogroll, page layout etc – is new to me.

      Ideally, it will become the ‘go-to’ New Zealand site on climate science and policy.

      FYI: I’ve been working with the University of Queensland. They have a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) called Denial101 coming up at the end of April. We’ll have an announcement with details later, but it may be of interest to anyone wanting to understand the basics of climate science and scientific denial.

      1. I have been urging the Greens for years to concentrate their efforts on the environment/sustainability/climate change. They didn’t and they are stuck. There is urgent need of a single-issue party which binds all its members to policy on matters environmental and allows them free conscience voting on other issues. I believe there is a constituency out there who will avail themselves of MMP to support this party. Maybe the Climate Change Party will be the mover.

        1. Interestingly, much the same thing was said to me last week. It seems a sensible way forward. We can disagree about the less urgent matters, but act responsibly to address the urgent ones. And there is no more urgent case then the need to curb fossil fuel emissions.

  3. Dear Sir, Really interested with your opinions, as Climate issue is a global problem, what is your opinion regarding linking up with the U.K. with

  4. I run a website on climate change and do talks in Northland on the way the climate is going to effect our future. My main interest is spreading the information of the dangers of climate change so if I can do anything to help I will. Bob.

  5. Peter Whitmore , (and others here)
    I’m sorry , but you are all terribly wrong about Global Warming caused by humans. Start reading here…..
    (btw. I don’t believe in a “communist infiltration”)
    then this one, a bit more technical…….
    Cheers and happy reading,

    1. Thanks Mack,
      I can’t find anything in either of the links you provide to suggest that we “are all terribly wrong”. The first is a hysterical rambling about reds under the bed (or greens under the bed?) and the fact that NZ makes any effort to meet its commitments under the UN (who apparently have a sinister agenda). It doesn’t even touch on the science of climate change.
      The second (“more technical”) one is an explanation by a prominent Aussie denier for suddenly pulling out of a survey — because she dislikes one of the questions (it asked if she believed climate change was occurring, rather than asking if she believed that abnormally large climate change was occurring). Again, her post doesn’t touch on anything scientific, nor offers any arguments for or against any view on climate change.
      I don’t understand where in these articles you felt the important points were.
      I’ve read a lot of denialist arguments — ones that actually try to make substantive points — and found in every instance that their arguments lead nowhere. If one wants to have more than passing familiarity with a subject it’s important to seek sources that present all sides of an argument, and read and compare their points in context. So far I have yet to find any coherent or convincing evidence that the scientific majority have got it wrong, and with so many highly funded oil lobbyists out there seeking to discredit the science, it’s a pretty safe bet that if there were such an argument it would have been trumpeted to the world by now. Instead we hear the same tired banalities that were thoroughly answered years ago.

    2. Mack, there’s all sorts of crazy on the internet and global warming denial is right up there with the worst of it.

      What I have typically found is that global warming deniers are people who have trawled the internet to find climate myths that fit with their preconceived notions. They then make it their mission to repeat these climate myths at every available opportunity. Any attempt to reason with these people, or point them to the mountain of scientific literature on global warming, is futile.

      When it comes to climate policy, there’s only mainstream climate science to serve as a basis for current and future planning. Fringe scientists have had over a hundred years to present a compelling alternative theory but keep coming up with a big fat zero.

      Accelerating ice mass loss around the world, rising sea levels, warming oceans and atmosphere show us that the Earth continues to warm as the mainstream scientific community predicted it would.

  6. The general election is 18 months away. Probably November 2017.
    The Climat Party needs to get organized and take a serious stake in this election.
    Under MMP a SINGLE ISSUE party can have real power to influence governmental policy.
    We have a real opportuntiy to make a difference in the next government .
    We need to get ourselves organized NOW.

  7. I support what you stand for.the er are too many cars.too much plastic floating on the ocean.It perplexes me why, when poor people in india,philipines etc, want cell phones,computers,etc,that they in there caveman ways dump rubbish,(burn),on top of water ways,drinking its poison,walking over filth,and in this super modern world,people cant be bothered cleaning up their doorstep.Iwouldnt even travel to these poor regions,just dont get there mentallity.regards carson

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