Newtown Meeting: the Elephant in the Room

Climate is the elephant in the room, and Rongotai candidate Aaron Carter hit the 2nd page of the Dominion Post with his elephant costume.

This was a strong publicity statement, and Aaron delivered succinct & strong messages:

“Don’t vote for me, vote thinking about the climate”; “It’s all rearranging furniture on the Titanic as it’s sinking”, and “Learn to swim”.

His presentation was well-received & we look forward to the next meeting.

Read the Dominion Post article:
- Newtown meeting a rousing affair


3 thoughts on “Newtown Meeting: the Elephant in the Room”

  1. Ice expansion at both poles is at record levels. America recently experienced its coldest winter in living memory and is expected to have another this winter. Sea levels don’t change much. There were times during the pre-industrial revolution when global temps were higher. Al Gore has always refused to debate credible climate scientists. I live in Helensville and used more wood in my woodburner than I have in 9 years. Global warming is the biggest hoax in history. I voted for Colin Craig!

    1. Arctic sea ice is currently about 1,500,000 square kilometers less than the 1981-2010 average. That’s less ice, not more.

      Extreme cold snaps are actually predicted by the climate scientists and show the accuracy of their models. The US didn’t just have “its coldest winter in living memory”; that’s untrue. It was colder than most recent winters, but most recent winters have also been exceptionally warm.

      I’ve read the evidence put forward by climate-change denialists (such as “Lord” Monckton) in debate with credible scientists. I’ve spent hours of my life following their arguments as they pull data out of context, misrepresent research and evade every criticism by changing the subject. I’m a trained scientist myself and I can follow scientific debate pretty well. The denialists are just clowning around, I’m afraid to say.

      Put it this way: the evidence has to be pretty strong for a country like Saudi Arabia to approve the IPCC reports and effectively agree that burning oil is cooking the planet — as much as they’re kicking and screaming to not have it so.

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