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Climate Party contests the Northland by-election

Rob Painting, candidate
Rob Painting, Climate Party candidate

Northland is on everybody’s lips! To raise awareness of climate & coastal issues affecting the Far North, Kerikeri local Rob Painting is standing for election.

Rob is an passionate about our marine environments in Northland, being an avid diver. Communities up North are greatly at risk of drought and oceanic changes, since farming & the sea are a way of life up here.. Continue reading

Climate Party enters “Campaign For Better Transport” debate

Peter Whitmore speaks to CBTThe “Campaign for Better Transport” have long been advocates for better transport networks & commuters. Last Wednesday they held a candidate’s debate & the NZ Climate Party presented a strong message.

Transport improvements need to go well beyond just the proposed city loop. Sydneysiders make around 9 times more suburban trips as Aucklanders, per capita. Developing better cycling options, better public transport and in particular a better train system is a win-win-win way forward. Continue reading

Volunteers on Billboard Raising Drive

Climate Party volunteers are hard at work, raising billboards in three cities. Candidates & supporters are out each weekend putting up signs.

Billboarding is progressing in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch..  73 timber-frame signs, 10 on fences, many areas covered, and more to come.

Volunteers and sites are sought, for further sign-raising. If you’re good with a hammer & timber, or know where a billboard could go, we’d like your help!

Continue reading

NZ Climate Party Launched

New Zealand’s newly launched Climate Party aims to make addressing climate change a much more urgent priority. The party believes that the New Zealand Government has not been taking the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions nearly seriously enough.

According to Party spokesperson, Peter Whitmore, the risks to both New Zealand and the world, if we continue down our current path, are made very clear by the World Bank Report, “Turn Down the Heat”, and by the recently released report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“Globally, sea level rise, droughts, storms and rising temperatures are likely to cause displacement and destruction on a scale that will make the two World Wars look like minor events. This is not in the distant future. Sea level rise alone is expected to force between 50 and 200 million people to relocate by 2050. Continue reading